Hearing aids can be a significant expense, but there are different options to consider to finance your hearing aid purchase. These options may cover all or part of the cost and greatly influence how much you pay out of pocket.

If you have insurance, you should contact your provider. Your policy may cover some of the hearing aid cost. You may also receive additional coverage if you purchase the hearing aid through one of their contracted providers because they often have negotiated discounts. Remember that insurance benefits for hearing aids can be used one time and will renew after a given number of years such as three to five.

Another option is financial assistance programs. The Department of Veteran Affairs is the largest purchaser and provider of hearing aids in the United States. If you are a veteran or have a service connection, you can check with your local VA office to find if you qualify. Medicare and Medicaid coverages vary by state. If you have either, you should talk to your provider about financial coverage for hearing aids.

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