At The Hearing Place, pediatric services include evaluation and treatment for hearing loss in infants and children. Hearing properly is essential for children to learn and understand spoken language. It is also vital to the development of their own speech. When infants and children experience hearing loss, it can have consequences. It can delay talking and affect speech in children even when hearing loss is temporary and reversible.

Hearing loss in infants and children is either congenital or acquired. When hearing loss is congenital, the loss is present at birth and can be caused by infections during pregnancy, certain medications, birth complications or genetic syndromes. Events such as illnesses can cause acquired hearing loss in infants and children that was not present at birth.

A child’s hearing should be tested frequently from birth to age five. Tests can also be given at any time if there are any hearing problems. Discuss your concerns with your child’s pediatrician if your child is having trouble hearing or speaking, pulling or rubbing their ear or there is fluid leaking from the ears.